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28 March 2015

27 March 2015

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Welcome to the Open Rail Data wiki, with information on Open Data available from the rail industry. There's an open forum for discussing railway data - the Open Rail Data group on Google Groups.

If you want to request a set of data that could be opened up, please fill out the form here - there are no promises, and there will be a page of requested data sources and reasons why they can't be opened up in due course.

There is a Github organisation for sharing code and code examples - you are encouraged to contribute!

Finally, there is a large amount of information written by the developer community, for the developer community, for both the Network Rail and National Rail Enquiries feeds.

Network Rail National Rail Enquiriesl
About the Network Rail feeds About the National Rail Enquiries feeds

There's also a catalogue of data released by the industry, some of which is not strictly Open Data, but is not restrictively licensed.

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